SAP Activate And Agile Tools For Delivering SAP S/4 HANA

SAP Activate and Agile Tools for Delivering SAP S/4 HANA

What is SAP Activate?

SAP Activate is the best-practices methodology for deploying S/4 HANA. The methodology ensures the best steps recommended to deliver a successful move to S/4. As SAP’s next generation business suite, ensuring a proper delivery is absolutely critical; no other methodology should be prioritized over SAP’s Activate. With this transforming methodology, SAP Activate involves the Best-practices and guided configurations using SAP Focused Build for New Implementations, System Conversions, and Landscape Transformations. From an S/4 delivery perspective, enabling these listed areas promotes the fastest implementation timelines- whether be on premise or cloud. Remember, the greatest goal, amongst all enterprises, is to have the (1) fastest Time-to-Value and (2) the most reduced Total-Cost-of-Ownership.

What is SAP Activate

What is SAP Activate?

For teams that are preparing for new implantations in the Cloud or on-Premise, Activate brings pre-configured trial systems that leverage SAP Fiori applications. Additionally, Fit-Gap analysis leverages SAP Solution Manager 7.2, which is the top-rated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform on the market. For teams that are preparing for a system conversion, SAP Activate brings more innovation for your deployment on-Premise or in the Cloud. Along with pre-configured trial systems, step-by-step systems conversions are equipped with technical functionalities like the Maintenance Planner and the Software Update Manager (SUM) with a Database Migration Option. Solution Manager also plays a crucial role in regards to serving as the Delivery Infrastructure for your team’s journey to S/4.

SAP S/4HANA Project Lifecycle

Agile Requirements to Deploy

Agile: Focused Build as the Recommended Delivery Platform

SAP Focused Build is SAP’s recommended delivery platform specifically for S/4HANA. SAP Activate utilizes Focused Build, as the Agile tool functioning on Solution Manager 7.2, which provides the guided configuration needed to deliver SAP’s newest business suite. With Focused Build, delivering SAP projects in a holistically swift approach is the future of SAP innovation and digital transformations. For more on specific to SAP’s Focused Build, please refer to Is SAP Focused Build right for you?and Improving SAP Project Management with SAP’s Focused Build.

Agile Tools: Scrum Board

CoreALM has built a digital Scrum Board on top of Focused Build, further enabling the Agile tools for your team. Pulling, analyzing, and beautifully representing key metrics for your project developments, CoreALM’s Scrum Board also works in unison with the Solution Readiness Dashboard, incredibly aiding the Project Management Office / Project Managers for their transparent view in their project development. Engaging your team to work in an Agile approach another piece of the ‘modern innovation pie’.

If you would like to learn more about the areas discussed, let CoreALM know your interest. Our team of ALM experts can give you the necessary deep-dives so that next project will be a safe one, delivering on time, within budget, and minimal risks to make your life easier!

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