Easy and Scalable Browser based Performance Testing Tool

  Valdrin Spahijaj Headshot   Valdrin Spahijaj
SAP Solution Manager Architect and Focused Build Coach



    Fisnik Veseli HeadshotFisnik Veseli
SAP Solution Manager Process Management and Focused Build Coach

Do your Test scripts reflect realistic load scenarios? While you can easily send some traffic to your site to see how it responds, are you really capturing, comparing, and evaluating that data over time? Are the scenarios you are running realistic load scenarios?

If you are creating realistic load scenarios how effective is your tool in recording, running, and displaying the results without manually recording, or programming the load testing script.

Fortunately, the CoreXT tool features advanced capabilities and an intuitive user interface.

In this on-demand webcast, CoreALM Testing expert, Larry Wilson, will demonstrate the simple yet scalable browser based recorder and testing platform.

In this workshop, CoreALM experts will walk you through and present:

• The simple process of the Browser install
• How to record and save your performance tests
• How to run performance testing for your SAP & Non-SAP environments
• Reporting capabilities of your performance testing
• Organizational testing Management