Unlocking Agile Excellence in SAP: Focused Build & Jira and Azure DevOps Integration

Unleashing the power of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and Focused Build for end-to-end process management.
Demonstrating the creation and mapping of requirements in Solution Manager with dynamic integration into Jira.
Tracking work packages, user stories, and epics effortlessly across Solution Manager, Jira, and Azure DevOps.
Exploring customized scrum boards, backlogs, and detailed views for effective project monitoring.
Leveraging CoreALM connectors for ServiceNow, Jira, and Azure DevOps to enhance Agile and DevSecOps delivery.

Explore Our Solutions:
-Agile Scrum Board for SAP Solution Manager Focused Build: https://corealm.com/agile-scrum-board-for-sap-solution-manager-focused-build-20
-Jira Connector for SAP Solution Manager Focused Build: https://corealm.com/solutions/jira-connector-for-sap-solution-manager-focused-build
-Azure DevOps Connector for SAP Solution Manager Focused Build: https://corealm.com/solutions/azure-devops-connector-for-sap-solution-manager-focused-build

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