Webinar: Agile SAP in 7 Steps

In this insightful video, dive into the world of Agile SAP project management and discover how CoreALM’s Scrum Board, integrated with Focused Build, revolutionizes the delivery platform. Explore the seamless management of requirements, work packages, and testing phases, optimizing your project workflow.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Understanding the 1-to-1 relationship between Scrum Board and Focused Build.
  • Efficiently capturing and managing project requirements.
  • Grouping functionality based on work packages for streamlined planning.
  • Breaking down work packages into granular work items for detailed sprints.
  • Navigating the Scrum Board to gain a holistic and granular view of project progress.
  • Leveraging customizable filters for effective Scrum calls and reporting.
  • Exploring the integration of testing phases, including creating and tracking test cases and managing defects.
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