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How can Test Scope Optimization help me?

Test Managers, Test Coordinators and Functional Workstream leads regularly are faced with making risk assessments for software updates being deployed through fix, enhance and maintenance projects and innovation and transformation projects to reduce test scope to meet project deadlines.  For large support pack and enhancement pack upgrades, determining the impact on the functionality implemented in the productive system and resource planning is time consuming and not precise.  If test scope is over estimated, added tests costs are incurred for the maintenance project while under estimating will result un-detected defects being deployed to the productive systems adding costs and lost revenue for unavailable productive systems.

In parallel with test scope planning is identifying impacted regression test cases and making needed changes / repairs in preparation for the testing cycles. Test Scope Optimization reduces the effort needed to test the changes by identifying only the relevant test cases needed for the test cycles.  Test Scope Optimization also provides the Test Manager, Test Coordinator and Functional Workstream leads risk assessment where testing effort can be reduced based on risk ratings applied to the test cases.

Test Suite Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) is used determine the business processes impacted in the solution landscape as changes are moving through the migration path.  Test Suite Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA) determines the business process impact and predicts the major cost and effort of support pack and enhancement pack upgrades without the need to apply it in a sandbox or development environment by using SAP Maintenance Planner in the cloud.

Our change impact assessment testing services includes setup and implementation of BPCA and SEA in your landscape for test scope planning and optimization.

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