Manual Testing


What is Manual Testing?

Test Suite in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is the recommended solution for both manual and automated testing.  Manual test cases contain the description of the processes / navigation plus data needed to simulate in a QA system the functionality used in the Production System.  This ensures that defects are discovered before deployment avoiding unplanned downtime and related costs.  Organizing a structured test planning and execution results reporting of test cases increases the quality of the testing and provides required information for test managers, test coordinators and work stream leads in managing cycles.

There are two tracks for managing SAP change processes. Software updates for minor fixes, enhancements and maintenance projects are part of the on-going ‘run the business’ track while innovation and transformation projects are the other track. For the ‘run the business’ track, manual and automated regression test cases (RT) are used to support the change processes. Innovation and transformation projects test cases include Single Functional Tests (SFT), User Acceptance Tests (UAT) Functional Integration Tests (FIT) and Regression Tests (RT).

Using Test Suite to organize and manage manual and automated tests using the Test Planning Processes provides a more structured process, improved scheduling and collaboration between testers and reporting for Test Managers and coordinators in managing test cycles in tight timelines.

Our manual testing services include creating and repairing (updating) test cases for ‘run the business’ maintenance track and the innovation and transformation track.  Ask us about our testing services to implement Test Suite Manual Testing with your next maintenance or innovation project.

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