SAP Transparency + Management: Solution Manager (Testing) And Focused Build

SAP Transparency + Management: Solution Manager (Testing) and Focused Build

Comparing and contrasting when to use out-of-the-box standard SAP Solution Manager with what is available in Focused Build when considering Testing capabilities. In general, Test Suite in Solution Manager and Focused Build is basically the same. Below is the process flow which demonstrates Test Suite. At the top, we have solution documentation, then moving into Change Impact Analysis (CIA). With CIA, you may be considering other competing products, however Test Suite’s CIA beats out these other testing platforms when performed side by side. (If you would like to learn more about this performance, let CoreALM show you.) The two big value propositions in test Suite are CIA and Component Based Test Automation (CBTA). Both are extremely valuable: 1) CBTA is essentially an instant time-to-value while 2) CIA requires more configurations, but allows users to analyze transports going into the target system, and brings risk-based test scope optimization.

SAP Solution Manager outcome-based delivery

SAP Solution Manager Value Chart

Why Solution Manager?

Consider choosing and play specific roles: The first role relates to Operational and Project Efficiencies. Typically when looking at Solution Manager, you are looking at adopting an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy. The first operational efficiency begins at the operational and project level. The second role relates to Risk and Compliance. Those are the two areas that Solution Manager surrounds. For Project Managers, if you are trying to run a complicated project, how would you manage a project that is massive and complicated, like delivering a S/4HANA project?Considering your organization has hundreds of participants, trying to aggregate many excel spreadsheets, forecasting, and planning, it can become very challenging; Focused Build presents a huge benefit for overall project transparency and delivery management. The key is to follow the standard ALM process: Requirements, Design, Build, Test, Deploy, Operate, and Optimize. In regards to the ALM cycle, Build and Run is where Solution Manager and ALM comes together, as you want to consider both phases in all your SAP projects.

SAP Solution Manager supports your Digital Transformation

Agile Project Management

In standard Solution Manager, there are available out-of-the-box capabilities (ig. ChaRM out of the box). As an example:  from a Change and Release Management (ChaRM) perspective, out-of-the-box will work but needs to be configured for full fledge capability exploitation. The reality is with most customers, configuring the software will drive the most tremendous value. Taking a step further, with executing Defect Correction in a standard ChaRM processes would be an out-of-the-box process flow. Every customer typically wants to adopt and apply the capability to their policy, procedures, and existing processes. CoreALM aims to adapt the capability to best be used across the customer’s organization.

Agile Project Management with SAP Solution Manager

The Big Picture

In Focused Build, there are standard capabilities that are also available in Solution Manager 7.2. Capabilities like Process and Project management, Release and Change management, and Test management are all standard for SAP. With Focused Build, process flows and workflows serve as a layer on top of what the core Solution Manager capabilities provide. The benefit here is that once the organization adopts the platform-package, much of the configuration is already done. Two areas are significantly important. For more on adopting Focused Build and the functionalities offered in the delivery platform, see CoreALM’s other Blogs.

SAP Focused Build Overview

SAP Focused Build Overview

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