SAP HANA Use Cases

SAP HANA Use Cases

The SAP HANA Database is a full-fledged, in-memory, relational database which is optimized for transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) processing. With that said, it is very versatile. It will end up adding value to a wide range of business scenarios, and it can be deployed in many ways, from on premise, in the cloud, or through a hybrid model of both, supporting a variety of scenarios. This gives you many options.

However, one of the bigger questions that you may have includes, ‘What are some Use Cases for HANA so I can leverage this for my company and build a solid business case?’ If you want the answer to this question, keep reading!

Agile Project Management

Agile Data Mart

The way you can get value from HANA is through utilizing HANA as your central hub. This was you can collect source-system data from multiple sources via in-memory technology and then displays for you focused reports and analytics with the front-end reporting.

Boosting Supply Chain Effectiveness

The real time power of HANA enables companies to take the immediate steps to ensure certainty in supply networks. HANA also empowers companies with a more sophisticated analysis and data that may be beyond the reach of a more traditional supplier management and spend analysis applications.

SAP Business Suite Accelerator

Like the Agile Data Mart, SAP HANA is set up as a stand-alone system. It also stands side by side with the database under the SAP Business Suite Applications. HANA is used to offload some of the transactions or reports that would normally take hours or even days to run. The only thing is that it is not used as the primary database under the application.

One thing to note is that SAP has developed something called “HANAfied” versions of existing reports that consist of three preconfigured reporting dashboards and 23 reports from several business areas including: Financial Reporting, Sales Reporting, Purchasing Reporting, Shipping Reporting, and Master Data Reporting.

These “HANAfied” reports can offload the physical side of processing the reports to a dedicated SAP HANA system that sits beside your live SAP ERP system.

Analytics Stock Image

The Big Picture

Real Time Analytics

HANA is able to process huge amounts of data in real time, which in turn ensures the optimal distribution of energy. There are also very powerful customer insight tools that analyzes the customer’s energy usage at whatever level of granularity and dimension. It’s able to cater to your own needs.

At the end of the day, SAP HANA is a well-rounded memory database that allows you to be more versatile and quicker.

Ask us more about how HANA can be your best move going forward.

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