SAP Solution Manager Focused Build And Atlassian Jira Integration

SAP Solution Manager Focused Build and Atlassian Jira integration

With Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager, SAP delivers an out-of-the-box, fully integrated, tool-supported processes and methodology to manage requirements and software development in large, agile innovation projects such as SAP S/4HANA implementations for better and faster project execution.

SAP Focused Build and Jira are integrated in the build phase thru a generic OData web service API. This API enables you to connect an external software development tool Atlassian Jira to SAP Focused Build. To keep the API generic, the communication is based on OData web services.

SAP Jira Integration

SAP Solution Manager and Jira API pathways

The integration allows development teams to use Jira during the build phase. All other phases of requirement to deploy process remain in SAP Solution Manager, the team leads defines the Requirements in discovery workshops and creates Work Packages and Work Items

Starting point for the integration with Jira is once the architects finished the scoping of the Work Packages. With the status change handover to development the external tool API in Focused Build is triggered and creates Work Packages and Work Items corresponding issues (Epic and User Story) on Jira side.

Once status of the Work Package is set handover to development therefore the development team can start working on their tasks. The Work Packages are synced to Jira as Epic, the Work Item are synced to User Story and have correlation to the Epic. The User Story status will be synced to Focused Build and the Scrum team creates the Tasks for detailed planning.

SAP Jira Integration

SAP Focused Build and Jira Processes

To learn more about how you can integrate Jira with your SAP systems, reach out to us!

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