Foreseeing Success In Your SAP Deployments: Change Impact Analysis – BPCA + SEA

Foreseeing Success in your SAP Deployments: Change Impact Analysis – BPCA + SEA

Why are teams leaving their existing Testing solution, and pursuing Test Suite?

Test Suite, at the highest level, is a full blown Testing application offered in SAP Solution Manager. It allows for Manual Testing and Automated testing for SAP and non-SAP systems. We recommend Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) for automated testing because it covers all of SAP’s User Interfaces (UI); it does support non-sap testing. Additionally, Test Suite covers everything from Test Data, Test Planning and Analytics, Single Source of Truth, and Requirements to Deploy for ALM efforts. This article will cover the Change Impact Analyses (CIA) feature in Test Suite, which specifically involves Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA) and Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA).

Change Impact Analysis (CIA) reduce test cost. As an example, if it cost a company $100k with 25% of the costs allotted for testing, CIA had been proven to reduce cost up to 30%. Therefore, lowering the overall cost to $70k in this situation. If you can identify the changes that are needed, especially for automated test cases, this can tremendously reduce the cost.


The Business Process Change Analyzer is used when you have support packs, enhancement packs custom codes, regular reason, and for minor releases. It identifies the scope and the regression tests that are needed to ensure the quality of coverage. To further breakdown, BPCA has be considered in three categories: Fix, Enhance, and Innovate.

  • Fix– These are just small changes that go in either daily or monthly. This includes custom code or custom changes. Monthly maintenance activities are also part of this category, where changes in the custom code and customizing business objects can be made.
  • Enhance– Enhancement packs or new business changes under a minor release. In regards to the magnitude of change, this category is at a moderate level that includes small functional enhancements that are requested by the Business User
  • Innovate– This category considers changes of the highest level, which include transformation projects that are major releases. Associated timelines include that of projects that require months of development, which can significantly change business processes, such as an EHP deployment.

With BPCA, you can identify the critical and most impacted aspects of the business processes, which involve significantly reducing testing efforts in regression testing.

BPCA Implementation Results


With Scope and Effort Analyzer, the business user can achieve early upgrade information in addition to no licensing costs. Dashboards that show calculated efforts for regression testing as well as a detailed analysis for enabling your project for Test Managers and the Development team. When you setup and run SEA, it is done through the cloud. You can select the systems that are available for each customer to define a support pack or an enhancement pack!

SEA will summarize the time and resources needed to test massive projects. The tool provides a breakdown of an Overview Level and a Detail Level. In the Overview Level, the Project team and Project Manager can analyze Modifications and Custom Developments of the project. In the Detail Level, SEA reviews a breakdown for Development Managers and the Test Manager for a particular project.

Foreseeing Success in your SAP Deployments: Change Impact Analysis – BPCA + SEA

SEA - Navigation to analysis overview and detail results

What you get with SEA is custom development and modifications of custom objects. It has development and unit testing, regression testing, and can breakdown the efforts necessary for all processes. This tool is tailored to help the Business User measure the time and resources needed to test, which can takes incredible hours without testing tools.

Check out our Testing workshop series, or let CoreALM know the troubles in Testing that your team is facing. SAP Solution Manager’s Test Suite is the top rated platform that is support by the best ALM tool: Solution Manager. Whether your team is in maintenance mode or is preparing for a large project, like S/4 HANA, Automated Testing should be an area that you can rely on!

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