Functional Testing (Web based testing) – SAP and Non-SAP

CoreALM’s Functional Testing Platform (CoreALM RTA) is a scalable cloud-based scriptless testing solution designed for SAP Agile and DevOps continuous testing teams. This tool creates reliable codeless tests powered by self-healing and adaptive wait.

Azure DevOps Connector for SAP Solution Manager Focused Build

Azure DevOps Connector is an out-of-the-box solution that enables bi-directional integration between SAP Solution Manager Focused Build and Azure DevOps.

Super easy to use setup and use

With the simple recording and run facility, you can easily record a Selenium script directly in your browser with the browser extension. This tool can be efficiently used in both SAP and non-SAP environments. The artifacts of the test execution can be stored in the SAP platform or in application’s cloud platform.

Fully integrated with SAP SolMan Focused Build processes

Bi-directional integration between Azure DevOps and SAP SolMan Focused Build bringing together all processes including Requirements, Work Packages, Work items, Testing and Solution Documentation all out of the box.

Project Team

Automatically create Requirements, Work Packages, and Work Items from Azure DevOps Features.​

Architect Team

Scope out and build Requirements and have them synchronized in SAP Focused Build as well as Azure DevOps.

Everything reported in the dashboard

Collaborate on your test execution results in one centralized dashboard. Get insights about release quality, step-by-step
detailed report with screenshots and logs.

Setup in minutes with dynamic mapping

Azure DevOps Connector is a turnkey solution with very flexible dynamic mapping of different issue types, status and fields between SAP Solution Manager Focused Build and Azure DevOps supporting different use cases.

Want to see the Functional Testing (Web based testing) in action?