CBTA And Continuous Testing

CBTA and Continuous Testing

DevOps and Agile development focus on bringing quality earlier in the delivery processes. Automated testing using reduces the time needed for testing by developers, business analysts, consultants, and end users.

CBTA helps in creation of test scripts which are modular in nature such as Single Functional Tests while still in the Development Environment earlier and facilitates the shift towards earlier testing. The test script created by CBTA can be viewed and edited in Test Composition Environment of SAP Solution Manager. Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) is integrated into SAP Solution Manager.

CBTA has the following features for modular testing:

  • CBTA Test Creation Wizard for test script creation by Business Analysts
  • CBTA test scripts are composed by reusing SAP delivered default components and customer specific screen components
  • Fast repair of damaged test scripts
  • Supported UI technologies: SAPGUI, SAP CRM web-client, SAP ABAP WebDynpro, SAP Portal, SAP WEBGUI, BSP, SAP Java WebDynpro & SAP UI5

CBTA has additional recording options that eliminate the need to for a full recording for fixes and enhancements of existing functionality.  Once recorded, additional steps can be inserted or added and replace everything after the selected starting step.

Also, when ‘Use Screen Components’ is selected and later there are changes to the screens, ‘CBTA Inspection’ updates the screen eliminating repairs related to these changes.

Test Composition Environment (TCE) also enables chaining of multiple CBTA script to create an end-to-end business process test scripts.

TCE has the following features for end-to-end testing using modular tests

  • Attributes for Test Configuration and Test Scripts
  • Maintenance and composition of CBTA test scripts: It is possible to modify an existing test scripts e.g. it is possible to insert/delete a component present in a test script
  • Parameter handling: Enables creation of end-to-end business process tests
  • Composition of E2E process tests including parameter handover
  • Test data assignment

CBTA End to End and Regression Testing

In the Deploy Phase after  Sprint and Wave Testing, use CBTA automated testing  for regression testing to ensure no side-effects on earlier testing or existing tests from prior deployments.

CBTA modular development of Single Functional Tests (SFT) facilitates build of E2E and Regression Composite Tests by stringing together CBTA SFT’s by passing parameters between tests

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