Our Capabilities: Operations Control Center (OCC)

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operations control center

The Operation Control Center (OCC) ensures highly automated and proactive operation, resulting in reduced operation costs, improved IT services, and increased business satisfaction. The OCC is a central, on-site IT support entity that proactively monitors the productive SAP environment (non-SAP applications can be also included). SAP recommends setting up a physical room within the IT support organization.

The central monitors which permanently report the status of the core business processes and related IT landscapes, including important business and technical exceptions. The monitors are part of:

  • Application Operations
  • Business Process Operations

The Operation Control Center (OCC) concept will significantly help the customer to change from a re-active operational mode to a more pro-active one, where issues are identified before impacting the business:

  • Makes use of an infrastructure, which pro-actively monitors the solution 24×7 without manual effort, and which triggers and correlates alerts in case of problems.
  • Consists of a small team of operators, who only work on the alerts in a standardized way.
  • Convert the alert into an incident or a service request for processing by the next level support.
  • Executes an ongoing optimization process, which analyzes the root cause of major problems or alerts.
  • Improves the OCC setup by initiating the setup of an additional monitor to be able to detect the same problem more early.
Operation Control Center (OCC)

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