Solman – Focused Build

What is SAP Focused Build and how to get started?

SAP introduced SAP Focused Build on top of SAP Solution Manager with pre-configured turnkey solutions, with a small implementation investment customer can take advantage of the preconfigured solution and start planning their project rollout. Focused build is based on Agile methodology making it more flexible how requirements-to-deploy turn into operations.

Solman - Focused Build

With Focused Build implementation your innovation project is estimated to start rather quickly than with traditional SAP Solution Manager, in reflection all phases of ALM are ready to be used; starting with timelines for the project and deliverables, business process modeling, through requirements documentation, building, testing, releasing and handing over your applications for operations to the business.

Solman - Focused Build

Further, all phases are integrated and displayed in automated Readiness Dashboard. This brings great values for the entire organizations to understand the status of the project, statuses consist of: view overall project status, what tests and defects are pending, development status and much more without configuring any additional analytics.

Solman - Focused Build

If any of these statements are true you should consider Focused Build:

  • Customers with a significant amount of development
  • Customers implementing SAP S/4HANA and digital solutions
  • Customers with digital transformation
  • Customers requesting agile methodologies and tooling (with optional JIRA integration)

CoreALM is proud to be amongst the first SAP inner circle companies investing and supporting Focused Solutions. We can help with Focused Solutions by providing you with the right skills and support. Reach out to us today for a no obligation demo.

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