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Promote your SAP BASIS Operations with SAP Landscape Management (SAP LaMa) 3.0 SP03

SAP Landscape Management (SAP LaMa) 3.0 Software previously known as SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (SAP LVM) launched with a new look and additional capabilities for SAP BASIS Operations.  The release of SAP Landscape Management (SAP LaMa 3.0) enhanced the opportunity for SAP BASIS Administrators to automate some of the operations and move away from the traditional BASIS activities.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of SAP LaMa 3.0 SP03 which will definitely add business value to your SAP Infrastructure Management.

  • Landscape visibility and control across Infrastructure layers
  • Automate SAP system copy, cloning and refresh activities
  • Operate and provision SAP systems powered by SAP HANA
  • New User Experience for Advanced Operations and Monitoring
  • SAP TDMS Integration for data scrambling during system refresh

SAP systems are refreshed, cloned as often as required by business demands for rollout projects, upgrades, testing, dry run etc. You would know how complex is it to manage and control the resources as well as infrastructure working with high availability and distributed SAP systems.  Thus the manual procedures to monitor and manage the execution puts a heavy workload on the SAP Infrastructure and Management team.

Here comes the advantage of SAP Landscape Management Software (SAP LaMa 3.0) which is used for managing and operating SAP Landscapes.  You can automate advanced BASIS operations such as performing system copies, system refreshes, and system replication thereby reducing downtime during SAP system maintenance.

Now let’s take a look at the SAP LaMa Overview Dashboard in Figure 1.  See how beautifully the tiles are laid out with all of the SAP Landscape information.  The tiles are logically grouped into Systems, Instances, Physical Hosts and Virtual Hosts.  Here you have the centralized management, control and visibility of your entire SAP Landscape using a single console.

Solman - SAP LaMa

Figure 1

You can perform start, stop, prepare, and relocate on SAP Systems as shown in Figure 2.  Also you can execute mass operations such as mass start, mass stop etc. on SAP and Non-SAP systems.

Solman - SAP LaMa

Figure 2

You can view the SAP System Landscape entities and their relationship, in a graphical form.  All dependencies and components associated with Database, Application Servers and Instances is tied within the SAP LaMa 3.0 Engine as shown in Figure 3.

SolMan - SAP LaMa

Figure 3

Default landscape views are available in SAP LaMa 3.0 as shown in Figure 4.

  • Pools
  • Virtualization Managers
  • Networks
  • Storage Managers
Solman - SAP LaMa

Figure 4

You can perform automated tasks for an SAP system using a provisioning process and monitor the execution status of the system copy operation.  See the provisioning options in Figure 5.

  • “Clone System” duplicates an existing system with an identical system ID.
  • “Copy System” duplicates an existing system with a different host name and a unique SAP SID.
  • “Rename System” changes system ID, host names, instance numbers, and mount points.
SolMan - SAP LaMa

Figure 5

Lots and lots of automated as well as validated functionalities on SAP LaMa 3.0 for SAP BASIS Operations.  CoreALM Consultants collaborate with SAP Product Management team to perform Solution Acceptance Testing (SAT) for SAP LaMa 3.0 version.  So let’s engage – Contact us, exchange ideas, and get the right solution for your SAP Landscapes.  A solution that is simple, easy and within reach!

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