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How can I leverage off Automated Testing?

Test Suite in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is the recommended solution for both manual and automated testing.

There are two tracks for managing SAP change processes. Software updates for minor fixes, enhancements and maintenance projects are part of the on-going ‘run the business’ track while innovation and transformation projects are the other track. For the ‘run the business’ track, manual and automated regression test cases (RT) are used to support the change processes. Innovation and transformation projects test cases include Single Functional Tests (SFT), User Acceptance Tests (UAT) Functional Integration Tests (FIT) and Regression Tests (RT).

Identifying core and mission critical end to end (E2E) business process scenario for regression testing and developing automated tests is the SAP recommended approach to reduce manual test effort and costs as well as improve the quality of testing. Test Managers and Coordinators are often challenged with limited testing resources to maintain, update and repair manual test cases with little time allocated for test preparation when supporting software and enhancement packs.

Test Suite Component Based Automation (CBTA) is for SAP UI Technologies. Modular tests are created by CBTA making it easier to repair when impacted by software changes. Additionally, CBTA tests can be created by business users with test creation wizard which generates modular components in background that are easy to maintain and repair during test preparation activities.

As part of the Test Suite Automation Framework, customers who have a heavy use of non-SAP systems can integrate certified partner tools and third party providers for the non-SAP user interfaces.

Huge cost savings can be realized with automation of recurring regression tests. Not only is the cost of manual testers reduced and improves quality, but the scheduling challenges with E2E testing over multiple functional workstreams adding to the project timeline can be eliminated.

Our automated testing services include creating E2E scenarios cases for ‘run the business’ maintenance track and the innovation and transformation track. Ask us about our testing services to implement Test Suite Manual and Automated Testing with your next maintenance or innovation project.

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