Upgrade Management

ALM & Solution Manager Processes: Upgrade Management

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Characterizes the documentation, revision, and application of new and improved business and practical scenarios, and uses SAP Solution Manager to holistically and efficiently manage the upgrade project end-to-end. It lets SAP customers to better comprehend and handle the key technical possibilities and tasks in an upgrade project, and to make the upgrade project a “non-event” for the business.

Upgrade Management:

  • Ends the gap between company’s request and IT delivery.
  • Assists the objective of attaining fast innovation with ERP.
  • Follows clear process involving different roles across the company.
  • Positions itself alongside Application Lifecycle Management.

The principal challenges in a technical upgrade are decrease of risks and accomplishing project conclusion with reduced time, labors and expenses. CoreALM can help you reach these goals and brings SAP ERP upgrades with a high degree of consistency decrease in total efforts.

During the upgrade management of your project, CoreALM will utilize SAP Solution Manager for the upgrade of your SAP systems, to diagnose your applications and monitor your infrastructure SLAs.

CoreALM can support you to upgrade SAP without interruption.

SAP Upgrade Management

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