SAP Solution Manager 7.2 - Change Request Management

Requirements Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 bringing Business and IT Together

Unclear requirements and inadequate requirements management are among the biggest cost drivers in IT projects. But with Change Request Management “ChaRM” in SAP Solution Manager, you can make changes to existing solutions, document the changes, and transport them in a transparent manner.

Until now, suitable tools for managing requirements for new implementations or establishing a requirement process that is not dependent on change request management have not been available. This gap has now been closed because Requirements Management functionality is delivered with Solution Manager 7.2.

Now in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 you can launch the different tools around requirements management from the Fiori launchpad.

SAP Solution Manager Fiori launchpad

SAP Solution Manager Fiori launchpad

“My Business Requirements” is the interface where we can initiate a new requirement, get updates and pass along existing requirements to other resources on the workflow.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 UI - My Requirements

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 UI – My Requirements

One of the main reasons of the requirements management in Solution Manager is to close the gap between the Business and IT. It allow us to collect the requirements and manage them all the way from the very beginning to deployment. This enables us to get full visibility and traceability of the End-to-End process.

The (CRM UI) IT Service Management below gives us few options on Requirements Management

Creating a New Business Requirement or IT Requirements

SAP made requirements management flexible where we have an option to start the requirements management directly from IT requirements skipping the Business Requirements workflow. Some customer don’t have the to collect requirements from Business they get started directly from the IT group.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 UI – IT Service Management

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 UI – IT Service Management

If we initiate a new requirement from Business it will follow the process layer below:

CoreALM SAP Solution Manager Change Management Process

CoreALM SAP Solution Manager Change Management Process

Here is an example of the Business Requirement Doc:

The status overview on top of the document is very simple and easy to identify the current status. The workflow is based on SAP best practices, it can also be enhanced the same as any other transaction type in Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 UI – IT Service Management

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 UI – IT Service Management

When we scroll down on the document we can see other assignment blocks.

The one called “Related Transactions” gives us the list of documents created as a follow up of this document, we eventually should see an IT Req. Doc listed here.

Also the Solution Documentation has been highly improved in Solution Manager 7.2, the integration is available in many different parts the lifecycle. From the Business Requirements you could add/link business process/steps to the Document which eventually will help the upcoming parties on the workflow to know where exactly in the hierarchy we are touching and planning to make changes as well managing the solution documentation along with change management process.

CoreALM SAP Solution Manager Change Management

Many specialized tools for requirements management offer a wide range of functions. However, this can make them complex to use and difficult to master.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 makes this process simple, easy for adoption and fully integrated with the ITIL process.

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William Perez – Sr. SAP Solution Manager & ALM Consultant – CoreALM