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CoreALM SAP Workshops

SAP Solution Manager Test Automation with CBTA

Join Larry Wilson, QA Architect who will demonstrate how Component-Based Test Automation (CBTA) from SAP Solution Manager will help reduce the testing effort requiring business support. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite includes a Component-Based Test Automation (CBTA) tool that allows business analysts to leverage the test creation wizard to create test scripts.

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SAP Solution Manager Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA)

Join Donik Mullaademi, Solution Manager Architect how to analyze the scope of activities and effort before you start the physical deployment of Enhancement Packages and Support Packages. Donik will demonstrate Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA) from SAP Solution Manager and show how to determine the change impact on custom code and modifications, estimate the rework effort for custom code and modifications as well as the effort for regression tests of impacted business processes.

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ServiceNow & SAP Solution Manager out of the box Connector

Join Valdrin Spahijaj, Solution Manager Architect demonstrate the CoreALM Connector that integrates SAP Solution manager and ServiceNow. In this session we will demonstrate the how the out of the box integration with the Connector minimizes the approval and implementation process.

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SAP Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer

Join Fisnik Veseli, Solution Manager Architect how to determine and compare the changed objects before importing in the target system. Fisnik will demonstrate how Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) from SAP Solution Manager will give you an insight on the objects and changes impacted.

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