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Focused Solutions

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Solution Manager Focused Solutions

CoreALM Focused Solutions 2.0 for Solution Manager 7.2

CoreALM is proud to be amongst the first SAP inner circle companies investing and supporting Focused Solutions. Contact us to learn more and have us guide you through how to select the correct Focused Solution components for your needs.

Focused solutions are turnkey solutions made for immediate consumption. They are ready-to-run, highly integrated, preconfigured and automated and delivers all you need: additional features and dashboards for the defined use case and all related training. They are available to all customers. They deliver all the benefits of a personal consulting solution without the cost involved.

SAP Focused Solutions

Who is the target audience for Focused Solutions?

  • Development and Test Teams
  • Project Management
  • Solution Documentation User
  • Dashboard Viewer

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Focused categories

Focused Build – Lower Implementation time and TCO, Provide project visability

Out-of-the-box, and integrated, tool-supported methodology to manage requirements and software development in large, agile innovation projects.

  • Customers with a significant amount of development
  • Customers implementing SAP S/4HANA and digital solutions
  • Customers with digital transformation
  • Customers requesting agile methodologies and tooling (with optional JIRA integration)

Focused Insights – Provide real-time and historical company insights

The new Dashboard Framework. Build and distribute powerful customer-specific dashboards in minutes using state-of-the-art user experience. Using pre-packaged content and over 800 best-practice KPIs, pre-selected for standard use cases. Focused Insights was previously only available as an  SAP MANGO service (MaxAttention Next Generation Add-On). With the new Focused Insights it becomes available to everyone

  • Customers who would like to create custom dashboards to track strategic goals of the CIO
  • Customers who would like to create custom dashboards to track service levels and operational health
  • Customers implementing ICC/OCC
  • Customers who want to create custom dashboards from different capabilities of SAP Solution Manager

Focused Run –Simplified architecture with small technical footprint, Lower TCO

A powerful solution for Service Providers who want to host all their customers in a central, scalable, safe, and automated environment.

  • Customers and service-providers with large and complex system landscape
  • Customers and service-providers with advanced needs in terms of scalability, performance, security and automation
  • Customers and service-providers who like to cover advanced use case such as advanced user monitoring and advanced integration monitoring
  • Customers who like to split SAP Solution Manager functionality, e.g. build and run

Focused Build Solutions

Focused Build provides the ability to automate the visibility of solution readiness against due dates and provide an integrated risk management dashboard for SAP and Non-SAP projects. It allows you to monitor and manage global development teams and support and agile release solution providing JIRA integration.

Focused Build provides out-of-the-box support for:

  • Batch import
  • Stand-alone retrofit
  • Retrofit automation
  • Retrofit for BW
  • Test system refresh
SAP Focused Build Solutions

Focused Insights

Focused Insights provides pre-packaged content with simplified configuration models, no programming needed. Monitor 800+ best-practice KPIs, pre-selected for standard use cases, enabling you to mix real-time or historic metrics from across all SAP Solution Manager use cases and provide top-level, strategic, KPI-driven management for the business solution for IT and Business

Focused insights comes with 7 pre-built dashboards grouped by Strategic, Governance and Operations.

SAP Focused Insights
SAP Focused Insights


Strategic has two sub categories – IT Scorecard and Application Performance

Focused Solutions Strategy


Governance has three sub categories – Service Level Reporting, Tactical, Readiness

Focused Solutions - Governance


Operations has two sub categories – Operation Control Center and Operation

Focused Solution - Operations

Focused Run

Geared towards service providers or large landscape. Provides a central multi-tenancy solution for monitoring and alerting to SAP and Non SAP system landscapes. A cloud provided managed service

Focused Run uses the full power of SAP HANA as a platform without compromises including streaming, replication, scale-out, predictive analytics, and compression. With this you can support thousands of systems in high volume monitoring use cases.

  • Optimized for high volume system and application monitoring use cases using the full power of SAP HANA
  • Extremely simplified architecture with small technical footprint and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Proven built-in security concept with HTTP(S) as communication protocols and push as communication direction
  • Clear separation of different customers with multi-tenancy enablement
  • Maximum of automation during assignment and maintenance of managed systems

Out of the box – Focused Run provides the following scenarios

  • Advanced System Management
  • Advanced User Monitoring
  • Advanced Event & Alert Management
  • Configuration & Security Analytics

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