Solution Manager 7.2 On HANA

Running SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on HANA 2.0 database

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 can now run on Hana 2.0. Customers considering installing Hana 2.0 can install Solution Manager 7.2 on Hana 2.0 database. Hana 2.0 is required for S/4HANA 1709 and this will naturally demand all customers to upgrade or install HANA 2.0 database.

SAP Hana 2.0 SPS02 Enhancements:

  • High availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR)
    • Gain flexibility with the ability to copy/move tenant databases across different multi-tenant environments while system replication is still running.
    • Expand your SAP HANA high availability landscape with the flexibility to deploy multi-tier system replication chains – beyond 2 secondary systems.
    • Simplify active/active, read-enabled access to your data assets through a closer integration with cluster managers.
  • Workload Management
    • Reduce administration efforts and ensure that important workloads get appropriate resources with SAP HANA’s ability to automatically manage incoming database requests according to assigned priorities and enforce limits on the cumulative memory and CPU resources that each user / application / workload class consumes.
  • Administration and Monitoring
    • Improve efficiency and productivity by assigning administrators to specific user groups and taking advantage of a simplified way to manage user groups, encryption, and database copies within the SAP HANA Cockpit.
    • Enforce best practices across your landscapes by applying standard parameters across SAP HANA systems for centralized control.
  • Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
    • Empower users with smarter recommendations from fresh intelligence with a broader support for real-time scoring and with integration to external machine learning frameworks – now including Tensorflow™.
    • Accelerate predictive application development with a simplified way to invoke algorithms and the ability to use SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA for developing predictive and machine learning models using SAP HANA Predictive Analytics Libraries (PAL).
  • Text Analysis, Graph and Geospatial data processing
    • Speed up the deployment of text analysis assets with a simplified end-to-end process all managed through SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA – now including the custom configuration for different data domains and the automatic generation of language-specific inflections for custom dictionaries.
    • Gain faster insight from your connected data sets with new GraphScript extensions to facilitate navigation and manipulations of sub-graphs, inverted graphs, and more.
    • Increase the accuracy and depth of insight from geospatial data with improved validation of geometric objects.
  • Tools and languages
    • Innovate faster with new and enhanced SQLScript and SQL functions, simplified XML and JSON document handling, and more efficient support for SQL hierarchies.
    • Streamline application development with a more efficient Python driver and a newly released Go driver.
  • SAP HANA, express edition
    • Get instant access to a modern data platform to develop real-time applications that combine analytics and transactions on any data, at no cost with SAP HANA express edition – now featuring high-speed data provisioning, bulk data movement, and federation through SAP HANA smart data integration.
  • Enterprise landscape management
    • Simplify data and process management across your enterprise landscape with SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer Edition for SAP HANA. Now you can import models from SAP Solution Manager, represent native Datastore Objects, and deliver a comprehensive data movement view across data sources and targets.
  • Data integration and federation
    • Get a broader view of your business with an improved integration of external data sources that brings increased performance for data provisioning adapters and a simplified configuration for third-party databases adapters.
    • Streamline the setup and management of federated data access to remote sources with the automatic creation of virtual tables, and ensure the continuous access to remote data with automatic system failover.
  • Multi-tier storage
    • Enhance system availability and deliver continuous access to all your data with the support for 2-tier and 3-tier system replication in SAP HANA dynamic tiering.
    • Gain instant access to the data your business needs at a lower cost with faster data transfers from extended stores to memory, and a simplified management through enhanced diagnostic tracing and troubleshooting.

If you like to learn more and see a live demo of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on HANA, just let us know and we can schedule a live demo.

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